Alert wearables such as pendants, helmet sensors, and smartphone apps have proliferated with developments in wireless connectivity, longer battery life, and ubiquitous mobile devices. We have written about special purpose alerts for wet diapers, citizen cardiac arrest response, and truck drivers with nodding heads.

Wearsafe Lab‘s global security Wearsafe platform expands the alert system concept. Wearsafe proposes its system for a broad range of populations and incorporates purposeful functionality. Wearsafe alerts go beyond simple “help” alerts or the slightly more informative “help-I’ve-fallen-and-can’t-get-up” messages. With the Wearsafe smartwatch app or Wearsafe Tag, the mobile panic button sends family and friends an alert with location information, similar to most alert devices. With the single tap, however, Wearsafe also turns on streaming audio, real-time location updates, and a group chat platform for responders to communicate in one place. The tag or watch vibrates when the alert is sent and again when it is viewed so the sender can have a degree of reassurance that the message was received. Wearsafe’s audio informs responders so they can send the help you need.

Wearsafe suggests diverse populations for its wearable alert platform. Family safety, active lifestyles, health management, aging in place, homebound patients, fixed site lone workers, and mobile lone workers present a multitude of situations where Wearsafe could add a sense of security with one-touch access to informed response.