When it comes to caring for infants, one of the most time-consuming and exhausting tasks is changing diapers. You must check often to see if it’s time for a change, and it’s a responsibility that must be repeated throughout the day and night, leaving you at the mercy of frequent interruptions. Yet you don’t want your child to be uncomfortable, so being available as soon as a diaper change is needed is important. Caregivers of elderly adults face the same dilemma.

Now a company called Diaper+ has developed a smart diaper sensor that provides mobile updates and alerts on the state of a diaper, so it can be changed before it becomes uncomfortable without requiring constant checking. While some competing devices monitor the moisture level only, Diaper+ tracks temperature changes and provides finely-tuned analysis of the data to produce more accurate information. Because the device constantly monitors the diaper, it’s not necessary to wake an infant or disturb an adult to do an intrusive check. When the diaper needs to be changed, an alert is sent to the parent or caregiver so they can take action quickly, preventing discomfort and reducing the risk of diaper rash. Diaper+ communicates via Bluetooth and comes with the Diaper+ app, which can transmit diaper status to any compatible internet-connected mobile device. The Diaper+ monitor comes encased in a medical antibacterial silicone cover and is about the size of a quarter. It attaches easily to the diaper without causing discomfort; its battery provides power for approximately 4 months of normal use. Diaper+ recently announced the launch of its crowdfunding campaign to fund the smart diaper sensor, through which they’re aiming to raise $10,000.

Because of its remote notification features, Diaper+ offers parents the freedom to work, go about their normal daily tasks, and rest, while still being able to provide attentive care to their infants. It helps mitigate what can be a tiring and overwhelming everyday task, and for the elderly, helps preserve dignity and self-respect. Diaper+ can be used in homes, assisted living facilities, clinics, and hospitals, alleviating some of the burden on adult caregivers and reducing the occurrence of rashes, infections, and other skin issues.