Regardless of the cause, too much stress takes a toll on physical and mental health. According to the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC), too much stress or prolonged stress can lead to a long list of symptoms, including headaches, back pain, and digestive problems. We’ve already written about wearables designed to detect and help alleviate stress, including the Lief wearable patch, BioSelf Technology’s guitar pick-shaped Sensate, and VitalWear’s Everyday SmartBra (that also monitors posture).

iBreve, another wearable in the wings from a company with the same name, also targets women with stress. iBreve attaches to most bras with 2 or 3 hooks or clips onto sports bras. According to the iBreve website’s FAQ, once the user calibrates the device with a smartphone app, it works by analyzing breathing patterns to signal incipient stress. The wearable alerts the user who then either takes a deep breath or does a micro-meditation to head off or reduce oncoming stress.

iBreve promises availability in an unspecified number of  “upcoming months.”  Just as with Lief, Sensate, and the Everyday SmartBra, all of which expect to ship later this year, we’ll have to wait for feedback from users about iBreve’s real world stress reduction benefit. The iBreve price hasn’t been announced, but users can register for more information and participate in the pre-release by registering with a name and email address on the Early Bird List.