The classic cartoon guru meme is a wise old man sitting cross-legged on the top of some mountain, far from civilization. The basic idea is that you can go and study at the feet of such a person to learn mindfulness and to control your body, so that you can relieve stress and become better prepared to handle the bumps in life’s road. Or you can get a patch that sticks onto your chest.

Lief is a wearable device that measures some basic biometric data — heart rate, heart rate variability, and breathing rate — in order to “recognize stress and anxiety patterns,” according to the company website. One of the interesting features of the device is that it uses vibrations to communicate with the wearer, so you don’t need to refer to a screen. When it detects stress, the patch can guide you to control your breathing to help relieve the stress in the moment. This feedback is discrete so nobody needs to know. The device also syncs to a smartphone app (Android and iOS) and a web-based dashboard so that you can track and share your information. The system also includes 3-minute exercises that you can perform daily to increase your control or become calmer in general.

The product is scheduled to ship in November 2017 and the company is taking pre-orders at $279. Some people may find this to be a useful tool to help relax and control stress in their lives.