Lumo MotionScience Platform 600x275

Now that wearable tech devices for fitness and health are creeping out of infancy into toddlerhood, we’re likely to see more partnerships, brand expansions, and direction changes. New entrants in both markets may stop thinking they have to reinvent the whole technology, and instead focus on a niche in markets where they can add value or find new applications for existing technologies. Lumo BodyTech, best known for Lumo Run running gear and Lumo Lift posture correction, is branching out to assist companies that want to serve markets in which human movement tracking tech could be helpful.

The Lumo MotionScience Platform is billed as a “fast, scalable, complete solution.” The platform includes an application programmers interface (API), software development kit (SDK), motion “intelligent” algorithms, a machine learning engine, identity management, and big data management.  Lumo recommends potential applications in workplace safety, healthcare, lifestyle, and performance. For example, Lumo in the workplace could help with heavy lifting, posture-related issues from sitting, and truck driver body mechanics issues. Fall prevention and detection, monitoring movement disorders such as in Parkinson’s Disease, and posture and cardio tracking all apply to healthcare.

Lumo is not leaving its initial business behind. The company will continue to design, develop, and sell Lumo BodyTech products. With the Lumo MotionScience Platform, however, Lumo positions itself to play on much wider and deeper fields and provides new companies in wearable health tech and the wearable fitness arena with working tools to incorporate in their own products.