Posture is an important but often forgotten part of our body and daily life. Great posture can reduce fatigue and less stress, and help you enjoy better back health. LumoLift, a tiny magnetic device that can be worn like a lapel pin, is designed to help you with posture management.

The device gives out gentle vibrations when you slouch as a reminder to correct your posture. It also tracks posture hours, steps taken, distance traveled and calories burned through the companion iOS, Android, or Windows Desktop Lumo Lift app. Developed by Lumo Body Tech, this small device has patented biomechanical sensors that use angle displacement to detect when the body slouches, based on a calibrated standard of good posture for each individual. You can customize the time delay for the feedback to create your own personalized posture coaching experience.

The Lumo Lift is best worn on snug fitting shirts that allow the sensor to stay close to your body, and it uses a simple magnet clasp that will not harm your clothing. By helping you sit and stand straighter, it may help you may avoid back pain and other ailments through silent and discrete reminders.