It can be important to track your vital signs for a variety of fitness, health, and medical reasons. Qardio has a set of three consumer products designed to cover most of the bases with medical grade data that you can share with your healthcare professionals. The QardioArm is a compact blood pressure measuring device that takes readings from your upper arm — more accurate than measurements at the wrist or other locations — and is simple to use. It communicates wirelessly with your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet using a Bluetooth connection, and runs up to a year on four standard AAA batteries. In addition to blood pressure, it tracks heart rate and can identify irregular heartbeats. The app can also track the location where you take your measurement, so that you can see correlations between where you are and its effect on your blood pressure.

The QardioBase is a Bluetooth-enabled weight scale that also measures body fat, muscle, water, and bone composition of your body. The QardioCore is a new product set to ship this spring, and is a chest strap that provides a clinical-quality electrocardiogram (ECG). The sensors do not require any patches or gels, and the multiple sensors provide a more accurate reading than the single-lead approach used by some other wearable products. It also measures breathing rate, skin temperature, and galvanic skin response, which can be used as a measure of stress level. And it counts steps, distance traveled, and calories burned as well.

All three devices send their data to the Cloud where it is stored, analyzed, and can be shared with others. Taken together, the three devices can provide a good overview of your physical condition, and make it easier to track changes over time.