NeoCare Baby Monitor with video 600x279

Parenting and wearable technology for babies are a growing market, answering the desire of parents to be sure everything is fine with their babies, especially newborns. Moving beyond traditional baby monitors, newer technology tracks and reports biometrics to parents. Body temperature and heartbeat are common applications for wearable baby health tech. Previously we wrote about the Sproutling baby monitor that measures heartbeat, breathing rate, and temperature and the TempTraq continuous temperature patch.

German healthcare and monitoring systems company Ingenio Solutions GmbH will introduce the NeoCare Baby Monitor later this year. According to the company, NeoCare is the first baby monitor that uses pulse oximetry to measure vital signs, oxygen saturation and pulse rate, day and night. With its optical sensor, the NeoCare system measures temperature, movement, and sleep as well. Designed for use from birth to 24 months, the NeoCare system includes an ankle band, a base station, and a smartphone app. The ankle band is made of soft, hypoallergenic TPU, with the electronics fully-encased with no connections or buttons. The base station, which receives data continuously from the ankle band serves as a conventional baby monitor, uses inductive charging to charge the ankle band battery, and displays pulse, breathing, reception, and battery status of the band. If the base station senses something is wrong, it sounds an alarm. The base station sends the data received from the ankle band to the cloud where it can be viewed via the NeoCare smartphone app.

According to the NeoCare website, the system will be available in retail stores and online in September 2017. The company is taking reservations on the website with no payment and will later provide people on the list with a voucher for a 20 percent discount on the retail selling price, which has not yet been disclosed.