As wearable Health Tech takes off, we’re seeing many new devices, applications, and enabling technologies introduced and proposed advance the field and offer more options. The bottom line question remains, “How does this product, service, or technology improve or advance health care?” Against this backdrop of new and emerging health tech, earlier products can evolve as well. In June 2015 we wrote about TempTraq‘s single-use, disposable 24-hour continuous skin patch thermometer positioned primarily for babies and children. TempTraq hasn’t been standing still.

Two significant improvements to the original TempTraq include doubling the running time to 48-hours and improving temperature tracking reports and communication with HIPAA-compliant data and report storage supported by the Google Healthcare Cloud Platform. Because TempTraq is disposable, by doubling the running time from one full day to two days, parents or caregivers who put the flexible, thin device on children or anyone else won’t have to replace it each day. At $25 apiece, the price of the original TempTraq, monitoring temperatures when someone is sick would often span two days, meaning a $50 cost. Now the original 24-hour version is available for $20 and when the 48-hour version ships in Q1 2017 it will cost $25. You can also monitor TempTraq readings remotely via an internet Cloud connection. Previously TempTraq sent data to an app on an associated smartphone, but no further. The new capability opens a connection to healthcare professionals as well — just sent them the link and they can access the continuous temperature data and reports as if they were in the same room as the patient.

TempTraq has also developed a 72-hour version of the continuous temperature monitor that will initially be for clinical use only. Like the 48-hour version, the 72-hour TempTraq will be available in the first quarter of 2017.