Where does the information about your health come from? Often, and increasingly, there’s self-generated data. Wearables — from fitness trackers to patches measuring bio-signals and more — collect a wealth of health-related data. In addition, healthcare providers often do deeper dives, collecting data that’s recorded in a patient’s electronic health records (EHRs). Combining patient-generated data with data from healthcare providers creates a more complete picture of one’s health. That and more are now possible with HealthBook+.

An early identification, digital-first care platform, HealthBook+ brings together information from EHRs, connected devices, health plan claims data, and self-reported Social Determinants of Health. The AI-powered platform uses this data to do holistic analyses of patients’ physical and mental health needs. Healthcare+ says their system understands over 1,400 symptoms and has knowledge of over 750 acute, chronic, and preventative health conditions. The platform’s digital human interface, named Seréa, even evaluates a person’s voice and facial expressions before making recommendations.

What if the platform detects an issue? Healthbook+ suggests next steps, which could include healthcare services via secure chats, pointing users to educational resources, scheduling appointments with in-network providers, or connecting users to their own healthcare providers. HealthBook+ CEO Christopher Turner says, “Individuals looking for the best and most comprehensive health guidance will benefit greatly from the combined innovations of Seréa’s user friendliness, the completeness of their health information, and the superior accuracy of HealthBook+’s analysis and guidance.” 

One would be wise to have privacy concerns with so much sensitive data gathered in one place. So it’s notable that HealthBook+ is HIPAA compliant, and runs on the Amazon Web Services infrastructure with end-to-end data encryption and user authentication. Though don’t look for individual plans for consumers just yet. Currently, HealthBook+ is targeting health plans, healthcare companies, and employers who would offer the platform as a benefit to their employees.