Portable ultrasound scanners continue to advance. A few years ago, we covered Butterfly Network’s wired scanner that connects to a smartphone or tablet. Recently, Mindray, a med tech company, has launched its wireless handheld ultrasound system, the TE Air, to deliver ultrasound imaging inside and away from clinical settings. The device connects with your smartphone via an app. It is small and lightweight, making it easy for clinicians to diagnose anytime and anywhere.

The device is powered by Mindray’s eWave platform and second generation Single Crystal technology, which allows for high-quality images using less power. The device offers six imaging modes and dedicated exam presets to enable clinicians to conduct ultrasound examinations more efficiently. 

The device is IP68-level waterproof and dustproof making it suitable for hospital infection control. The Air Capsule serves as a protective case and the portable wireless charger takes about 35 minutes to charge the device. The transducer also can connect with advanced devices, such as the Mindray TEX20 Ultrasound System. This connectivity could help clinicians to overcome the limitations of cords and tight spaces. The device can also integrate with hospital information systems.

The TE Air App is available for Android and iOS. The app includes a Smart Bladder feature that calculates the bladder volume and determines whether to place a urinary catheter for acute urinary retention. 

A wireless ultrasound scanner that easily connects to a smartphone could revolutionize the future of ultrasounds. There isn’t any price detail on their website, but it sounds like a worthy and promising tech.