The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) recently released a report highlighting digital health solution benefits and major obstacles to their broad adoption. In the course of research for the new report, the CTA surveyed 300 U.S. healthcare providers (HCPs) and 1,000 adult consumers. The researchers also interviewed 12 health company leaders for data and insights. The report, Driving Consumer Adoption of Digital Health Solutions, concludes that 58% of healthcare providers believe digital health devices and systems help meet demands on the U.S. healthcare system. The researchers also found that, despite the benefits of the technologies, only 44% of the surveyed HCPs agreed that digital solutions were utilized to their maximum potential.

The survey’s HCP respondents had positive opinions of the usefulness of digital blood pressure devices, continuous glucose monitors, and hearing aids along with the associated mobile apps. Among the consumers surveyed for the report, 60% had experience with telehealth. Consumers cited cost as the primary obstacle to using digital healthcare solutions but also listed taking control of their own health, accessibility, reliability, and insurance coverage as the most important factors that support using the technologies.

The CTA report includes recommendations from HCPs and health tech leaders to boost digital healthcare adoption. The recommendations include increasing consumer awareness and improving perceptions of the solutions, keeping up to date on digital tools, and supporting policies to increase patient access to the solutions. The healthcare providers also suggested further clinical testing and more patient reimbursement to support patient access and use.

It’s heartening to see the progress in digital healthcare technology adoption, but there are still opportunities for increased use for better patient outcomes and greater healthcare system relief. Driving Consumer Adoption of Digital Health Solutions is available now at no cost to CTA members. The report is for sale for $999 for non-members.