People with limited mobility face a unique set of challenges that can make everyday life difficult. From navigating public spaces to completing simple tasks, mobility limitations can create barriers that prevent individuals from living life to the fullest. Scewo’s flagship product, the Scewo BRO, is a revolutionary electric wheelchair that provide an improved mobility experience compared with a typical powered wheelchair.

Unlike traditional wheelchairs, Scewo Bro can climb stairs at the push of a button. The smart wheelchair handles obstacles of up to 5 cm in height, making it possible to enjoy a stroll through the woods. A safety belt keeps the user securely in place. Users can customize the seat depth, backrest, footrests, and armrests to their needs, and they can also attach their preferred back and seat cushions. BRO also offers a lateral mounting rail, enabling the user to attach a variety of third-party products. 

BRO can be stored in the trunk of a car as a piece of luggage or used as a passenger seat. The chair also features an intuitive user interface, with a touchscreen display that provides real-time information about speed, battery life, and other important metrics. The maximum battery range is 35 km with 10 km/hour speed. It has LED headlights that allow users to be out even in the dark. Its tail lamps and indicators facilitate clear communication with other road users, enhancing safety for all. It can be controlled using either the BRO-App or the detachable control panel on either armrest. 

Another striking feature of the electric chair is its ability to adjust height. The chair can be raised by more than a foot and a half, making conversations with standing people more natural, and making it possible to reach objects in cupboards and on shelves. The device also has an optional rear-view camera to keep an eye on activity happening behind the user. The company has installed excellent sensors to measure the environment, and with regular software updates, the wheelchair constantly becomes more intelligent. 

I think the most impressive thing about the Scewo Bro is the way it empowers people with disabilities to live their lives on their own terms. BRO is currently available in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. It is expected to be launched in the US market in the next two years.