Pressure sores are a significant problem for people who use wheelchairs; they often develop bed sores over the tailbone or buttocks, shoulder blades and spine, and backs of arms and legs where they rest against the chair. Certain lifestyle changes can help, but technological adaptations could be game changer. Kalogon’s smart cushion, Orbiter, is designed to prevent pressure injuries. 

The smart cushion has patent-pending air cell technology that monitors real-time pressure from sitting on the wheelchair and then re-distributes the weight to increase blood flow in high-pressure areas. The tech is accompanied by an iOS or Android app through which users and their clinicians and caregivers can customize the settings. They can manage seating preferences by increasing or decreasing firmness in certain air bladders to promote the healing of already existing sores. The cushion works in auto mode; the users never worry about forgetting to switch it on or off. The smart tech is waterproof and suitable for all seasons. 

Pressure sores can be challenging to treat, especially for people who have used wheelchairs for a long time. It’s great to have a tech that relieves people from worrying about sores.  Orbiter is available for customer purchase at the cost of $2,500.