If you’re going to walk anyway, why not earn rewards while you’re doing it? That proposal covers WeWard‘s “get paid to exercise” app. The WeWard iOS and Android app awards points called “Wards” when users make progress toward goals. Users earn Wards when they walk, reach challenges, visit specific locations, or play games on the Playtime platform. According to WeWard, users can exchange Wards for cash, gifts, purchase discounts at partner businesses, or charity donations. The program is funded by sponsoring partners.

The WeWard app works by tracking movement data from smartphones, smart watches, and fitness wearables. WeWard uses GPS data to tally user walking frequency and duration and location visits. WeWard currently has the same targets for all users, but the company is developing personalized goals. WeWard is also working on improving the gamification aspects of the app.

Recently launched in the U.S., WeWard originated in Europe in 2019, The app encourages people to live a healthy lifestyle, especially one that includes a lot of walking. According to the company website, the program supports Sustainable Development Goals from Agenda 2030. In September 2015, 150 world leaders approved Agenda 2030 at the United Nations Summit on Sustainable Development. Agenda 2030, or more formally UN General Assembly Resolution 70/1 Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, includes 17 Sustainable Development Goals and 169 targets. WeWard supports three of the 17 goals: healthy lives, planet, and local environment.