Digital music therapy is known to improve pain, anxiety, medication overuse, and sleep difficulties. MUSIC CARE is a digital music therapy application for tablets, smartphones, television, and other multimedia devices. It is a class 1 approved medical device that can be easily accessed via any multimedia platform. Compliant with GDPR and HIPPA, MUSIC CARE offers a high level of cybersecurity. 

The application uses algorithms to change the multiple facets of music to relieve the patient’s discomfort or anxiety. It employs scientific principles based on “hypnoanalgesia”, it generates music that is synchronized with heart rate and breathing. The music uses variations including rhythm, frequencies, orchestral formation, and volume to gradually take the patient to a state of deep relaxation. Music therapy for pain and anxiety control is backed by research. Randomized control trials of MUSIC CARE have shown a 50 percent reduction in pain, and anxiety, and a significant decrease in the use of anxiolytics and antidepressants. An added set of benefits: no side effects and cost-effective in comparison to medication or VR pain solutions. 

The music care algorithm relies on the “U” sequence approach, featuring an induction phase, a relaxation phase, and an awakening phase. Users can compare pain and physiological parameters before and after the sessions. 

The company collaborates with globally acknowledged musicians, scientists, and music therapists to compose their music. Vin Gordan, Tony Allen, David Bismuth, and Marc Berthoumieoux are among the well-known artists who contributed to the original compositions.