The Essence Group spotlighted some notable IoT-based healthcare solutions at CES 2023. Let’s look at a few of the standout offerings from the international technology company. 

Designed for remote patient monitoring and chronic disease management, the VitalOn platform pairs with multiple devices, including activity trackers, smart scales, glucose monitors, connected blood pressure monitors, and pulse oximeters. The data collected creates an overall health and wellness assessment on a single monitoring portal that shows detailed reports. Should the system detect a potential issue, AI-powered alerts go out to caregivers and healthcare providers. VitalOn also provides automated spot checks using predefined parameters and devices. To help ensure that the 24/7 monitoring never goes out, VitalOn has redundant power (battery and A/C) and redundant connectivity (WiFi and cellular).

Care@Home is the Essence Group’s aging-in-place telehealth platform, designed for home-care monitoring of older adults with a non-contact fall detection system called MDsense. How does it work? Users place sensors throughout the home, including motion detectors, bed sensors, window sensors, chair sensors, and more. The older adult can also use a wearable fall detector that’s either worn on the wrist or as a pendant around the neck. Should an AI-powered sensor detect a fall, an alert goes out to loved ones and caregivers. The Care@Home system also works outdoors and has fail-safes to ensure that pet activity doesn’t result in false positives.

The Essence Group’s Umbrella system offers protection on the go. Clipped to a belt or worn as a pendant, the mobile personal emergency response system uses LTE cellular signals to stay connected. Umbrella also has fall detection capabilities, alerting caregivers, loved ones, and monitoring stations if it detects an incident. The system has two-way voice communication and can dispatch emergency responders to a person’s location if needed. Though this device isn’t just for older adults; just about anyone in an emergency can use Umbrella’s panic button and hands-free voice calling.

The advancement in aging-in-place technology is meeting a rising need; according to the World Health Organization (WHO), by 2030, 1 in 6 people across the globe will be aged 60 or older. The WHO expects the global population of people aged 80 and over to hit around 426 million by 2050, around triple the 2020 number.