Today’s smart fixtures don’t get much smarter than this; Nobi’s AI-controlled lamp can detect and prevent falls, with the ability to monitor a person’s vital signs in the works. The Belgian company Nobi NV unveiled their latest device at CES 2023. Its upgraded features include enhanced noise-cancelling audio to filter out background noise — such as a TV or a radio — to improve communication between a person being monitored and their remote caregiver. The new Nobi has “beamforming software,” which better directs its microphone at a sound source, and an updated fisheye camera to expand its fall detection capability.

So how does the lamp work? When suspended from a ceiling, the lamp gets a bird’s-eye view of a room or multiple connected rooms. Should a person fall, Nobi addresses the person by name and asks them if they have fallen. If Nobi doesn’t get “no” for an answer, the device sends a notification to a caregiver via an app. With the app, a caregiver can talk to the person being monitored through a two-way communication system and see video of them in the area that Nobi covers. The monitored person appears as a stick figure in order to protect privacy.

So what about fall prevention? If a person gets out of bed at night, Nobi senses the movement and turns on its light, so there’s no stumbling in the dark. Nobi tracks sleep and behavioral patterns, alerting caregivers should there be changes that indicate an issue. Nobi can also detect “slow falls,” such as lower activity levels, or near falls, alerting caregivers so they can intervene before a person is prone on the floor. 

Beyond fall detection and prevention, Nobi comes with a few handy features. The lamp can provide regular weather forecasts and adjust its brightness to match the time of day. It has a built-in air-quality monitor. And Nobi integrates with other connected devices, including smart scales, smartwatches, and activity trackers, collating data to create a multi-sourced health profile in one spot. Nobi can even connect to a smart doorbell and open a front door in an emergency.

What’s next for the smart lamp? Nobi co-founder Stijn Verrept says, “In the near future, it will become possible to also monitor crucial body parameters such as coughing and breathing. From a distance, without physical touch.” Currently used in assisted living facilities across Europe, Nobi has its sights set on hitting the U.S. consumer market this fall.