Opteev Technologies has introduced a new viral detection technology, ViraWarn, that tests for viruses like COVID-19, Influenza, and RSV in less than 60 seconds. The device relies on a quick breath analysis and eliminates the need for deep nasal swabs. All one has to do is switch it on and blow twice into the mouthpiece, and the LED light will show whether you have a positive or negative result in less than 60 seconds. ViraWarn is also the winner of the CES® 2023 Innovation Award in the Digital Health category. 

The device is currently undergoing clinical trials and FDA review. It employs silk biosensors and has a testing rate of up to 100 per second. The findings are displayed on a personalized app where green implies no infection, red signifies the detection of a virus, and yellow suggests an inconclusive result; in this case, try again or change the biosensor cartridge.

Furthermore, the breath-analyzer is reusable, with the biosensor cartridge (sensor and mouthpiece) only needing to be replaced after a positive test result or after two weeks of daily use. Plus, the biosensor cartridges are economical, offering patients an easy, inexpensive and time-saving alternative for testing such viruses. 

The company anticipates the completion of the ongoing clinical trials soon and a successful FDA review so that this novel tech can be readily available to the general public. The overall cost of this device is estimated to be around $100.