Long-known for its hearable devices for phone calls and streaming content, Jabra showcased its first medical hearing product at CES 2023. Jabra has joined a long list of traditional audio brands such as Sony and Bose that now are manufacturing or licensing clinical-grade hearing aids to sell without prescriptions over-the-counter (OTC). Jabra refers to the new Jabra Enhance Plus OTC hearing aids as 3-in-1 earbuds because you can use them to listen to music and for phone calls as well as to compensate for mild to moderate hearing loss.

Jabra’s Enhance Plus hearing aids aren’t just upgraded versions of earlier Jabra earbuds. People who wear hearing aids tend to prefer relatively discreet in-ear devices. According to a news release from CES 2023, the Enhance Plus hearing aids earbuds are 40% smaller than the company’s smallest earbuds. Jabra rates rechargeable battery life at up to 12 hour and the portable charging case holds up to an additional 35 hours of charging power. Fully charging the Enhance Plus hearing aids takes about 2 hours, according to an F.A.Q. on Jabra’s website. Recharging the case and the earbuds in the case takes up to 3 hours with the included USB cable.

Jabra’s Enhance Plus hearing aids employ four technologies to help you hear better: Warp Compressor, Digital Noise Reduction, Digital Feedback Suppression, and Binaural Beamformer. The goal for the OTC hearing ads is to improve the user’s ability to understand conversation. The Warp Compressor analyzes and sounds to emphasize human voice. Digital Noise Reduction reduces ambient sound. Digital Feedback Suppression minimizes the sound of your voice. Binaural Beamformer helps with spatial awareness and directionality so you’ll know the location of voices and other sounds.

If you’re not sure if you need hearing aids but don’t choose to consult a hearing care professional, you can take a free hearing test on Jabra’s website, After you take the test you can use the results and the mobile app to configure the Enhance Plus for your personal hearing loss. You can also switch between Adaptive, Focus, and Surround listening modes depending on your preferences and the current environment.

Jabra is careful to mention the test doesn’t replace a hearing professional visit. You can’t consider the results as a medical diagnosis. If you have more than mild to moderate hearing loss, you should see an audiologist because the FDA does not approve OTC hearing aids for severe to profound hearing loss. The Jabra Enhance Plus OTC hearing aids sell for $799 and are available now to buy directly from Jabra and from Amazon and Best Buy. Initially Jabra’s hearing aids app is available for iPhones only. Hopefully Jabra will add an Android mobile app soon.