Keeping track of the injectable medications is critical for many individuals, especially those with chronic diseases. Sticking to a medication routine can be challenging, however, along with the safe disposal of used syringes. The Hamilton Beach Health Powered by Healthbeacon has introduced the Smart Sharp Bins, an at-home injectable care management system. 

The Smart Sharps Bin system assists patients in maintaining their treatment regimen for chronic conditions such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, asthma, obesity and migraines. It tackles critical concerns such as compliance, injection site management, and a more sustainable home waste collection service. The system ensures that patients stay on track with injection regimens while effectively and efficiently discarding used needles at home. They can also monitor their progress and share reports with caregivers and healthcare providers.

The Bins technology helps you document each injection by simply dropping the used injector into the Smart Sharp Bin and storing it safely. The company tracks bin’s capacity and automatically sends a new sharps container along with a prepaid mail-back package for the user to return the used sharps container.  

With Sharps Bin, patients can set up a customized calendar to maintain consistency with their medication habits. The device is simple to set up and does not require WiFi; simply plug it in and use it to finish the injection routine. Users can also set the date, time, and injection site and get notifications on a mobile app called Companion Medication Adherence. There is 24/7 customer service. Users can choose a monthly subscription here.