The Consumer Trade Association (CTA) named the HP Hearing PRO self-fitting over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids as one of their CES 2023 Innovation Awards Honorees. Perhaps even more significantly, the FDA granted clearance to market the Nuheara-designed hearing aids in October 2022 following a successful clinical trial earlier the same year. The hearing ads may be sold OTC as medical devices.

The newly-branded HP Hearing PRO by Nuheara are available for pre-order now for $699, with shipments expected to start at the end of March, 2023. While they wear the familiar “HP” name, the brand was in fact licensed by Nuheara to use for this product, using their own technology. They are sold directly by Nuheara.

The self-fitting feature means that the purchaser does not need a professional audiologist to help set up the devices. Instead, the HP Hearing App steps them through the adjustment process. The app also allows the user to control the hearing aids wireless to adjust for different settings and conditions.

In addition, the earbuds include active noise cancellation (ANC) to reduce background sounds, built-in rechargeable batteries and Bluetooth support to connect to streaming devices. They are expected to last up to eight hours on a charge (five hours when streaming using the Bluetooth connection), and the storage case can recharge the hearing aids.

In addition to direct online sales, Nuheara plans to make the hearing aids available through retailers including Best Buy and Crutchfield.