We covered a novel, video-based blood pressure measuring tech app (NuraLogix’s Anura) from CES 2021 on Health Tech Insider. Here’s a little update on it from CES 2023: Anura is now a shipping product in the iOS and Android app stores. 

The app reports your blood pressure from a smartphone selfie. Note that the product has not received FDA clearance yet, and the company carefully mentions that blood pressure readings by the app are only for investigational purposes and not suitable for clinical judgements. Anura is simply intended to increase the general wellness awareness of the user.

In addition to using a smartphone, the system can be integrated with video meeting software such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams, and with telehealth systems. The company plans to launch a telehealth platform to support patient monitoring.

The app’s AI engine, DeepAffex, uses the Transdermal Optical Imaging (TOI) of the face to detect blood flow and determine your heart rate, blood pressure, and stress. The use of TOI to measure physiological parameters is backed by clinical studies.

NuraLogix claims other biometric abilities for the system beyond blood pressure. According to a press release, “its latest released models have been proven to predict whether a subject’s HbA1c is greater than 5.7% or their Fasting Blood Glucose is greater than 5.5mmol/L to a clinically accurate level.” The system also is capable of assessing risk of fatty liver disease, cardiovascular disease, depression, and anxiety.