Heart failure is one of the leading causes of hospitalization in people aged 60 and above. Early interventions based on physical signs and self-care can expensive hospitalizations and readmissions. BodiGuide Inc—a health tech company dedicated to developing patient monitoring tools—has received FDA clearance for its new edema-measuring Anklet. 

Edema is the accumulation of fluid in tissues, often signaled by swelling of the legs. The new technology quantifies fluid retention in the legs, especially the ankle, and is of great help to manage the medication dose of patients with chronic conditions such as heart failure and kidney disease. 

Currently, leg edema cannot be measured at home. The only method for the patients to monitor subtle changes in fluid retention is to check their weight every day. Most patients have poor compliance when it comes to watching out for a clinical sign daily. As a result, many patients with edema only report to a hospital when secondary symptoms appear — such as difficulty with breathing — and it’s an emergency situation. 

BodiGuide’s Anklet is specifically designed to measure and record leg edema, especially around ankles. It’s a waterproof and lightweight band that patients can wear continuously. When fluid retention exceeds normal levels, the patients and caregivers are prompted to take a necessary action via notifications on their phones. The patients can consult their healthcare professionals to adjust medication dosages and prevent expensive emergencies.

This tool for early detection and intervention could help millions who have chronic conditions that can result in fluid retention.