The usual infusion kit used to administer insulin from an insulin pump to the body has to be changed every two to three days. The Medtronic Extended infusion set by Medtronic plc’s is now approved for up to seven days of wear

The revolutionary infusion set combines innovative materials that assist in minimizing insulin preservative loss while maintaining insulin delivery and consistency to prolong the wear time of the set. The infusion set’s design incorporates a streamlined tubing connector that optimizes the physicochemical stability of insulin, the efficiency of infusion site performance and minimizes the likelihood of infusion set blockage. Additionally, the adhesive patch comes with an extra adhesive layer that helps to prolong the wear time, offering convenience and comfort for up to seven days. 

Following clinical trials of the Medtronic Extended infusion set, participants experienced a 50% decline in the number of instances an infusion set required to be renewed, as well as a decline in the frequency of infusion set failures linked to high blood glucose. Moreover, the study subjects mentioned that the new infusion set was more pleasant to use than their prior infusion sets, and they appreciated how the extended wear feature helped lessen the overall load of insulin pump administration.

The adoption of this infusion set has been projected to augment annual reduction in insulin expenses by up to 25% owing to a lower number of the infusion set and reservoir replacements needed, along with a 50% reduction in plastic waste. This breakthrough tech is exclusively accessible to users employing MiniMed 600 and 700 series pumps.