A year following its merger with Ginger, Headspace Health has launched another streamlined product experience that marries meditation and mindfulness solutions with Ginger’s sought-after coaching, counseling, and psychiatric services.

Businesses continue to see a rise in mental health issues amongst their employees; addressing their psychological health concerns has turned into a key strategic objective. According to a research carried out earlier in the year by Headspace Health, 80% of employees reckon that the employer should support their employees with mental health problems. 

A popular global digital mental health and well-being platform with over 100 million users in 190 countries, the Headspace app has become a front door for easy access to a broad spectrum of mental health services, from self-meditation tools and practicing healthy habits to a myriad of other options. In light of the recent merger, Headspace will now offer a tailored care plan for employees. Plans consist of guided or self-meditation techniques, breathing exercises, other wellness resources, and behavioral therapy, including virtual counseling or other psychological assistance from Ginger. Furthermore, members can readily switch between coaching sessions and meditations between the Ginger and Headspace apps.

The new system serves not only employees but also employers. It offers program management assistance to businesses to help them administer the program and end-to-end intelligence about employee satisfaction and performance. It also delivers Employee Assistance Program services, including training and workplace consultations for managers, wholesome wellness, and mental health experience while maintaining a critical work-life balance. 

Overall, Headspace Health is working to minimize the administrative torrent on companies with its new and innovative solutions. Employers may engage with Headspace Health and obtain an array of options via a single platform rather than opting for a varying mental health option to address diverse requirements.