Digital therapeutics company Twill (formerly known as Happify Health) has announced its collaboration with e-Psychiatry, a telepsychiatry and teletherapy service, to give patients enhanced mental health care through virtual access to psychiatrists, psychologists, and therapists. The companies have come together to provide access to difficult-to-reach mental health professionals and to address the growing need for digital psychiatric treatments.This partnership is the second in a series that blends human care with Twill’s digital care solutions, offering patients a way to find the most appropriate treatment option.

Through this tele-behavioral health platform, e-Psychiatry connects people to thousands of certified practitioners throughout all 50 states. Using Twill virtual treatment modalities, e-Psychiatry will be empowered to reach out to patients and increase their engagement. e-Psychiatry can also be offered as part of Twill’s Sequences, a scalable solution that can work with existing digital solutions and resources. 

Twill’s collaboration with e-Psychiatry, as well as its latest collaboration with YourCoach, are critical to adding more humanity to digital therapy and strengthening the company’s capacity to offer care to more patients. We applaud new partnerships aimed at revolutionizing human healthcare!