A collaboration between MyndVR and Oroi has been announced to broaden MyndVR’s library of cognitive, physical, and occupational therapies. Oroi is a European virtual reality-based therapeutic content platform for the welfare and cognitive stimulation of the aging population. MyndVR is the premier distributor of virtual reality solutions in the United States, Canada, and Australia for senior living facilities, home care companies, veteran homes, and adults aging in place.

Oroi Cognitive, now accessible on the MyndVR network, offers an array of exercises and simulations that emulate everyday life circumstances. It includes marketplace shopping, navigating through a town, cleaning up a space, getting dressed, and many other daily activities. Furthermore, MyndVR will also provide Oroi Fit: a virtual reality fitness program that combines physical training with immersive content, such as riding through the countryside or rowing along a river.

According to the CEO of Oroi, this is the first trans-Atlantic collaboration for the emerging VR sector.  The cooperation will help open the door for a new wave of VR-based, digital therapies that are expected to significantly impact elder care in the future.