The Apple Watch health features continue to improve with each update. The new operating system on Apple Watch—watchOS9—features an all-new medication app, an FDA-approved Atrial Fibrillation history feature, updates to the sleep app, and various other personalized information options. 

The medication app helps users manage and track their medicines and supplements. Users can list their meds, supplements, and intake time to receive reminders through the Health App. Once the medicines are taken, people can log this information in the app, creating a track of their intake history. Users from the US can even receive an alert for the potential drug interactions between their medicines. Medication interaction notification is a great feature as people can forget about their drug interactions even if the doctor educates them. For example, the app alerts the users not to take metronidazole with alcohol as there could be significant side effects. 

The new OS system also has an updated ECG app, including a new feature for users with Atrial Fibrillation (AF). They can check their AF history and see how frequently their heart shows signs of AF. Users get a weekly notification for lifestyle modification factors that may influence AF, such as sleep, alcohol, and exercise.

The update to the sleep app includes sleep stages that show the time spent in REM, core or deep sleep, and awake time. These insights could be great for improving sleep hygiene. 

The current system runs only on iPhone 8 or later and Apple Watch Series 4 and newer.