We frequently cover news about remote patient monitoring and clinical-grade digital biodata wearables. Both technologies play a role in programs that enable patients to remain in the comfort of their own homes while receiving medical care. Sena Health, a Philadelphia-based healing at home service, and Salem, New Jersey’s Salem Medical Center (SMC) recently announced that SMC selected Sena Health to provide expert care and advanced patient-focused technology to support SMC’s Salem Acute Care at Home Program.

Patients who qualify for Salem Acute Care at Home begin with a SMC Emergency Department visit and evaluation. They also must meet criteria for safe in-home care. While in the program, each patient has at least two daily in-person visits by a nurse. The program also includes appropriate in-home remote patient monitoring and telehealth visits with clinical personnel. Patients and their families can also connect with patient Care Coordinators 24/7/365.

Sena Health currently delivers up to 23 specific hospital level services to patient home. Services range from physical, respiratory, occupational, and speech therapy to preventative care, specialty consults, radiology, durable medical equipment, laboratory and pharmacy services, infusion, food, social work, billing and insurance, and more. The Salem Acute Care at Home Program supports local communities in Salem County, New Jersey. Future plans include delivering additional services to patient homes.

Certainly there are many parts and moving pieces in SMC’s at home hospital care program. Replicating the program in different communities would likely be anything but a cookie cutter process. We’re excited by the overall purpose and direction of providing hospital-level care in patient homes as a way to deliver healthcare services more efficiently and effectively.