Withings has announced its new smart scale, Body Comp, along with Health+, an online service with tools to help people improve their health. The company has always been more focused on health than fitness, and the features of its new scale underscore that approach.

The new Body Comp scale can assess health metrics that are often reserved for clinical settings. The scale has an exclusive algorithm and new sensors to monitor various biomarkers associated with health risks. It’s an all-in-one device that can assess full body composition, including weight, muscle mass, fat mass, visceral fat, water percentage, bone mass, and BMI. 

Cardiovascular assessments by the scale include standing heart rate and vascular age. The feature for vascular age is developed by the leading cardiologists. It is measured through arterial stiffness—a key indicator of cardiac health—and shows whether the person has optimum, normal, or sub-optimum arterial age. The scale also assesses nerve health through a score computed from electrochemical skin conductance. 

The smart scale comes bundled with a Health+ subscription to help individuals understand these health metrics and take data-based actions. Health+ is an addition to Withings’ existing Health Mate App and unlocks a 6-week habit-building module to empower people with behavior change, hence the change in outcome. The habit builder is based on four key pillars: sleep, diet, activity, and stress management. The app allows people to measure, act, and improve their health. It guides them through simple small steps that positively impact their health. 

Body Camp is bundled with a 12-month subscription to Health+ at the cost of $209.95.