Are you looking for a new way to stay motivated for healthy daily exercise? Use San Diego-based Vizer‘s eponymous mobile app and you can convert your daily workouts into meal donations at U.S. food banks. You can also win rewards with the same good habits. The Vizer app is free and you can use it with your existing wearable.

Here’s how Vizer works. Start by downloading and pairing the free Vizer app with your Apple Watch, Fitbit, or Android or iOS mobile device (Garmin is next on the list). Use the app to track 10,000 steps with any of the supported devices or, with an Apple Watch or Fitbit only, track at least 30 active minutes. Your device determines “active minutes” by monitoring your heartbeat. When you accumulate 10,000 steps or 30 active exercise minutes with the app, use Vizer to donate a meal. The meal is donated in your name to a local food bank by Vizer sponsors. Vizer sponsors are health-oriented, community values-focused food, supplement, drink, and snack brands. You can donate one meal a day and you have to click the Vizer Donate button before midnight. Think of it as a “Use it or lose it” plan, with no carryover sweat.

Each time you donate a meal with Vizer, you earn one Vizer reward point. You can redeem reward points using Vizer Vouchers for discounts, special deals, or freebies with participating merchants in stores or online and at restaurants that partner with Vizer. Rewards aren’t available in all U.S. metros at this time, but the company is working on expanding the reach. You can also donate meals and earn points by taking a class at a Vizer partnered studio.

The Vizer app is a potential four-way win. Food banks get support to distribute meals. Vizer users can maintain healthy exercise habits motivated by feel-good donations that make a real difference. Users can also try new health-related products at discounts or for free. And Vizer brand partners can gain exposure to people who may be new to exercise or physical fitness. Vizer is sponsor-supported, so its monetization is likely tied in part to the volume of Vizer users who sample or buy sponsor products. And here’s a longer-shot fifth win: if Vizer’s model works, the app can help keep a lid on America’s bulging healthcare costs.