Bodyport, a biomarker-guided digital therapeutics company, has announced the FDA clearance of its biomarker platform, the Bodyport Cardiac Scale. The new solution is designed to non-invasively measure hemodynamic biomarkers that offer insights into heart health and the fluid status of the body. What is really innovative about this solution is its simplicity of use; patients can have their hemodynamic biomarker assessed by simply measuring their weight on the scale. 

Advanced sensors and algorithms detect signals through a person’s feet, and biomarker data is sent via cellular network to the medical teams. The process takes less than 30 seconds. Bodyport has a specific index for fluid status — the Bodyport Fluid Index — that helps doctors make timely interventions for patients with heart failure. Every year in the U.S., more than 1.2 million hospitalizations occur due to complications due to heart failure; more than 90% of these hospitalizations are related to fluid accumulation. Weight monitoring is a conventional and non-invasive method to detect fluid changes in individuals with heart failure. The problem with this approach is that weight changes appear when the condition has already worsened. The Cardiac Scale could offer timely insights and improve how doctors manage patients. Interventions made sooner can reduce hospital admissions and save lives.   

Innovative technologies like Cardiac Scale empower clinical teams to make interventional decisions ahead of a condition getting worse. We are excited about the FDA clearance of the scale and look forward to a positive change in the hospitalization stats attributed to heart failure.