First-time parents can read all the books and go to every class available but still feel helpless when they can’t understand why their baby is crying. Most parents can make a list of the possible reasons their kid wails, but have little confidence in pinning the cause of a specific infant vociferation. Quantum Music, a Taiwanese music production company, claims to have a solution for crying-bewildered parents with Q-Bear, an AI-driven baby crying translator.

According to a Quantum Music news release, Q-Bear identifies uses algorithms derived from machine learning to accurately identify four basic reasons babies cry. Q-Bear collects 10-second crying samples to determine whether a baby is hungry, tired, needs a diaper change, or is just fussy. The Q-Bear developers trained the algorithm with data from more than 10,000 crying samples. Parents can place the device on a tabletop, hang it on a wall, or place it on the side of a crib.

In addition to baseline crying cause identification, the Q-Bear device uses additional sensors to collect data including temperature, humidity, urination frequency, and pain and discomfort. According to the company, the Q-Bear learns the baby’s living and crying patterns and can send notifications to parents about their baby’s current comfort level. Parents can also configure the device to play a lullaby or womb simulating sounds, or to turn on a sleep aid light when the baby is tired.

Details on Q-Bear pricing and availability are scant, but Quantum Music plans to showcase the baby crying translator in early 2023.