One of the most promising aspects of digital health technology is when two or more organizations partner to enhance the benefits of their respective products or services. We wrote previously about Intuition Robotics‘ ElliQ robotic companion for older people, first in 2017 at the ElliQ launch and more recently in June 2022 when the New York State Office for the Aging (NYSOFA) partnered with Intuition Robotics placing ElliQ devices in the homes of 800 older adults. Last month, Intuition Robotics and the digital health and wellness company Bold announced a partnership to bring fitness classes and balance training to seniors with the ElliQ platform.

Medicare Advantage health plans cover Bold’s virtual exercise clinical balance and joint health programs that target older people. According to a study conducted and published by company personnel, the Bold Fall Prevention Program resulted in 46% fewer falls and associated hospitalizations. People who uses Bold’s programs typically provide their own hardware. The new partnership employs the ElliQ hardware and user interface to select and play Bold’s instructor-led exercise and balance programs. According to Bold CEO Amanda Rees, “ElliQ has impressive capabilities and the potential to create better at-home aging experiences through engaging and clinically meaningful content.”

We’re enthusiastic about technologies that enable home healthcare and support aging at home, especially when it can help reduce the risk of falls. The ElliQ and Bold partnership simplifies the platform set up, assists user access to the exercise programs, and enhances user engagement, all of which should increase participation.