There is no single solution for all people who struggle with substance abuse disorders. That’s why we’re pleased to report that Groups, a proprietary mobile recovery app, is now available for the 11,000+ members of Groups Recover Together. The membership-based opioid addiction treatment service first launched the Groups app last year on a limited basis. Because of widespread members’ adoption and positive response to the app, the organization has opened the app’s availability in the 15 states where Groups Recover Together delivers services.

Groups Recover Together supports opioid addiction recovery with a holistic, medication-assisted treatment (MAT) model. Physicians prescribe suboxone to combat drug cravings and counselors lead weekly group therapy meetings. All members have weekly urine drug tests to verify that they are taking suboxone and are not taking illicit substances. Members use the Groups smartphone app for telehealth sessions and for virtual group therapy. They also use the app to connect with care givers, schedule appointments, review treatment plans, access content related to their recovery, manage forms and paperwork, and more. According to the organization, the app also helps reduce administrative paperwork.

Groups Recover Together reports outcomes that support their model. According to the organization, 73% of members stay in treatment after 6 months, 90% attend group therapy meetings each week, and 89% abstain from illicit substances each week. During the COVID-19 pandemic Groups Recover Together maintained high outcome levels by using an all-virtual treatment model.

We read (and write) about pilot studies or initial program roll-outs frequently. It’s exciting to learn of a pilot program that expands due to enthusiastic user adoption and positive impact.