, a workstream platform which brings information, people, and businesses to a single point of productivity, has announced a new partnership with BlueSemi, an Indian telehealth company. The partnership is set to integrate Braido’s MyHealthConcierge platform with BlueSemi’s new health gadget Eyva. The two companies are striving to move closer to a seamless home health and telehealth ecosystem, the future of healthcare.

Eyva is a new, non-invasive gadget designed to measure six vitals through haptic technology (3D touch). The six vitals include blood glucose, HbA1c, ECG, blood pressure, oxygen, and heart rate. With the integration of MyHealthConcierge, Eyva could ensure healthcare providers keep receiving the latest data about their patients. The aim is to connect patients, healthcare providers and family through a smooth process by leveraging technology. A personalised app would help patients manage care and appointments while also sending test and vitals results directly from Eyva. 

BlueSemi is currently advertising Eyva as a way for people to track their vitals over a period of time to make lifestyle changes in the light of insights gained through the data. It will enable the users to make informed decisions based on facts and science backed information. The gadget falls short of being a diagnostic device or a replacement for a medical professional. In essence, Eyva is a health and fitness device rather than a medical device. While the readings obtained through the device are claimed to be accurate, the company advises not to make medical decisions based on Eyva, which clearly limits its value as a health tracking device.