I have always heard patients complain about the multiple visits required to complete the recommended physical therapy (PT). Why can’t we have an at-home PT service? That’s what Luna does. The technology platform matches the right therapists with patients depending on their location, schedule, and various other factors. 

Luna has recently announced the results of its retrospective study spanning 12 months for thousands of Luna patients requiring knee and hip replacements. Researchers have found significant savings for Medicare patients who chose Luna’s outpatient in-home physical therapy services compared to traditional home health. Post-surgical recovery patients could save a considerable sum of $3,000 per case for getting bundled care on average. That’s equal to Medicare savings of 55%-70% per case.

Luna’s capacity to provide ten effective care visits at home for $1,200 per case is an important aspect of the bundled care package. In a related outcomes analysis, 77% of patients reported effective pain reduction within 10 visits of post-joint replacement surgery. Similarly, thousands of Luna patients who used outpatient in-home physical therapy services showed quicker recovery after knee and hip replacements.

With an expected increase in joint replacements by 673% by 2030, post-acute care is expected to cost more than $5 billion annually. Around 50% of patients hesitate getting post-op care due to high treatment costs. The health systems lose about $2.5 billion in revenue annually due to the discrepancies in physical therapy treatments. 

Luna’s platform and licensed therapists give patients the option of treatment in the comfort of their own homes. Luna operates in 42 U.S markets and 24 states. Creative health systems, including Emory Health, SCL Health, UCLA Health, and Scripps Health are increasingly connecting with Luna to begin outpatient in-home physical therapy for their patients. The company is revamping how physical therapy services are used.