Mental health has remained the topic of discussion throughout May as it is being celebrated as the National Mental Health Month. Companies all across the US were raising awareness about mental health. We learned that the percentage of people suffering from symptoms of anxiety and depression has recently risen to 41.5%, and another 11.7% have complained about unmet behavioral healthcare needs. Self-care options like meditation have shown to be effective in improving mental health. Partnerships between personalized care health companies and meditation-based mental healthcare businesses could bring a positive change to the mental health of consumers. 

Get Well, a personalized digital care company has announced a strategic partnership with Health Journeys, a company dedicated to improving mental health through guided imagery and meditation audios. Health Journeys covers mental health problems such as chronic pain, depression, anger, PTSD, anxiety, sleep problems, addiction, grief, injury rehabilitation, and traumatic brain injury. 

The new partnership has been announced during Mental Health Month and shows Get Well’s dedication to offering whole-person care, including the behavioral health needs. 

Hospitals and health systems that use Get Well will now be able to offer Health Journeys’ full range of meditations to their patients. Patient groups such as Veterans would specifically benefit from powerful meditation techniques. Health Journeys’ evidence-based guided meditations have already been implemented in the Armed Services and in more than 90 Veterans Affairs Medical Centers nationwide. The company’s meditation practice has proven beneficial in helping patients manage common health concerns like diabetes, pain, and smoking.  

We are glad to see a digital patient care company prioritizing the mental healthcare needs of individuals, especially the groups that need it the most.