Healthcare innovation arms of pharmaceutical giant GSK Consumer Healthcare (GSK CH) and digital design and marketing consultancy R/GA recently announced that applications are open for Re/Wire Health Studio’s second cohort. Re/Wire Health Studio is a healthcare innovation platform that discovers and supports select early-stage healthcare startups. If your company is a healthcare innovator developing technology to improve digital, physical, and personalized diagnostics with a people focus for everyday healthcare, Cohort 2’s application window is open until June 15, 2022.

GSK NEXT is GSK CH’s disruptive innovation group and R/GA Ventures is R/GA’s investing arm. Together the two groups designed Re/Wire Health Studio to actively support startups with the potential to significantly improve health. “Disruptive” isn’t a dirty word for Re/Wire Health Studio.

“The Re/Wire Health Studio continues to be excited to invite like-minded entrepreneurs with disruptive ideas into the GSK NEXT ecosystem and beyond, fostering healthcare innovation and innovators that put people and technology at the heart of reimagining a better standard of everyday health,” said GSK Vice President and Head of Next, Nick Tate.

For Cohort 2, Re/Wire Health Studio seeks innovators focused on three everyday health issues: oral health, women’s health and wellness, and mental resilience. The platform requires that startup applicants focus on the U.S. or EMEA (Europe, Middle East, African) markets and be in a pre-seed though Series A funding stage. Qualified applicants also must have a MVP (minimum viable product) product or service. MVP is a term from Lean product management, meaning a product or service in the development stage with working basic features sufficient provide value to and to get feedback from consumers. Applicants to the Re/Wired Health Studio also must have the ability and be eager to partner with GSK NEXT. So the product or service can’t be a dream or an idea. This program is for early but ongoing concerns or projects that already have a demonstrable solution.

During the 9-week program the six members of Re/Wire Health Studio’s Cohort 2 will collaborate with GSK NEXT to accelerate and scale their business development. The Cohort will expose their products or services to current innovators and executives in the consumer health industry. They will also have access to R/GA’s consultants and creatives to help refine their brands.

The Re/Wire Health Studio Cohort 2 application period is open now through June 15. Following candidate workshops starting June 27, the Studio will inform winning Cohort 2 members on July 8. The Cohort 2 Studio begins on July 18 and the program ends with final presentations on September 30, 2022. If your startup company is interested in applying for Re/Wire Health Studio from GSK Next for Cohort 2 here’s how to start.