The medical technology to help patients manage their diabetes is continuously improving, and we keep uncovering these new devices. Glucoactive, a medical start-up in Poland, has developed a non-invasive glucose monitoring system for patient use. 

The new desktop device, GlucoStation, requires no direct contact with blood and body fluids. The company’s sales page indicates that it only requires a one-time calibration using three to five finger prick readings. After that, the device measures glucose through optical methods in a painless and convenient way. It’s a simple one-time purchase that uses a laser to determine the blood glucose level and does not require any disposable elements such as strips and sensors. In the future, the device is also expected to measure other parameters like hemoglobin, cholesterol, and hydration.

GlucoStation moved from the concept stage in 2017 to its pre-sale stage. The company is currently conducting clinical trials on patients to get a medical certification. Sales are expected to start in the first quarter of 2023. Although the company has yet to receive CE approval, they have put up their product for pre-order. The early bird price is 699 EUR, which is 30% less than the regular price (999 EUR). 

Since the device is still in the R&D process, pre-order customers will receive all updates on any changes in the features, specifications, and/or functions of GlucoStation. The order can be cancelled at any time before the final purchase. 

There isn’t much we can say about the device right now, but if the clinical trials are successful, and it actually becomes a shipping product with CE approval (and FDA clearance), we might have a good addition to the ever-growing list of diabetes management devices.