The positive impact of telehealth continues to advance. Last week, we covered how tailored CBT delivered over internet helps black women sleep better. This time, it’s good news for women with a preference for telehealth. Alpha Medical, an online primary care platform using telehealth to make women’s healthcare affordable and accessible, has announced a new healthcare offering in the domain of diabetes. The company is now offering early diagnosis and treatment of pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes along with screening for gestational diabetes

Alpha has taken a comprehensive approach to cater for women with diabetes. It is serving as an all-in-one service provider where diagnosis, treatment, referrals, access to a dietitian, and online prescription of over 40 diabetic medicines — including insulin — are all available at one stop. Such a thorough approach not only helps with early diagnosis but also offers specific treatment for various types of diabetes for women. 

Women require dedicated care for diabetes as they experience diabetes differently. For instance, women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) often show insulin resistance and require a different treatment modality. Similarly, women are prone to diabetes during pregnancy and have a risk of type 2 diabetes postpartum. All this requires the need for health providers specializing in diabetes care in women.  

Alpha Medical services are now available in 49 states and DC. They treat 60 medical conditions in women, including the newly added comprehensive care for diabetes. Their unique approach to treating diabetes includes treatment plans, pharmaceutical management, access to a dietician, guidance on lifestyle changes, blood glucose monitoring, and coordination with OB/GYN in the case of gestational diabetes.