Biobeat‘s PPG-based blood pressure monitoring technology continues to add value for remote patient monitoring (RPM) and home health applications. The FDA recently gave Biobeat 510(K) clearance for the company’s technology to monitor respiratory rate and body temperature, according to a Biobeat news release. Following CES 2022, we wrote about the Biobeat 24BP smart patch-based cuffless blood pressure monitoring kit. The Israel-based company keeps adding biometric measurement capabilities to its feature list.

Previously cleared by the FDA to monitor cuffless blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, and pulse rate, the latest FDA nod to clear respiratory rate and body temperature with Biobeat’s wireless wrist and chest monitoring wearable devices adds to the system’s value as an all-in-one vital signs tracker. Biobeat VP of Clinical and Regulation Professor Arik Eisenkraft underscored the significance of the latest clearances. “Our platform now provides the five fundamental parameters that nurses are required to collect from patients, whether in the hospital or at home,” Eisenkraft said.

Biobeat and other RPM device companies and research groups continue to advance wearable sensors, biometric data capture and analysis, and platforms to implement and adjust treatment plans. The developing technologies have great promise for resource allocation and cost-controls in addition to improved patient outcomes and quality of life.