Telehealth has seen a boom since COVID-19. A step further to improving this remote care model is to offer more integrated services across a wide range of medical conditions without compromising on quality. A telehealth platform and a leading healthcare provider in the US have announced a new partnership in this regard. Hims & Hers Health, Inc and Carbon Health have partnered to enable comprehensive access to a wide spectrum of health conditions through Hims & Hers telehealth platform. 

Hims & Hers Health platform offers treatment for sexual health, mental health, dermatology, primary care, and hair loss. Carbon Health offers primary care and urgent care to the US population through in-person clinics, virtual care services, and remote patient monitoring. 

Through the new partnership, patients from California will now be able to receive more integrated care. Licensed medical professionals from Hims & Hers can refer patients to Carbon Health in case there is a complex medical concern requiring further clinical evaluation. The new collaboration has increased the Hims & Hers provider network to seven states and the District of Columbia, whereas Carbon Health benefits through delivering comprehensive primary care to Californians. 

Telehealth companies partnering with dual care providers (in-person and virtual) may sound like a step backward to telehealth. However, the model  is a logical evolution of the service to use the right tools for each situation. It could improve the healthcare delivery system. It serves the needs of individuals whether they require virtual consultation, in-person consultation, or both. The model has the potential to create better health outcomes while making healthcare modern and simple simultaneously.