Pelvic floor disorders affect roughly 1 in 4 women in the United States, but many cases go untreated. Additionally, research shows that health disparities arising from age, race, care access, socioeconomic status, and lack of knowledge affect diagnosis and treatment. Bloom, a new app built by women for women and individuals with vaginal anatomy, could address those disparities and ensure more women have access to effective treatment.

Symptoms of pelvic disorders include pelvic pain and bowel, bladder, or sexual function issues. When these symptoms are chronic they can interfere with daily functioning and significantly reduce quality of life. Bloom offers a non-invasive option that could decrease the need for painkillers and help individuals with debilitating symptoms avoid invasive surgical procedures.

Created by SWORD Health, a leader in digital musculoskeletal care, Bloom provides at-home physical therapy for pelvic floor disorders. The app matches each user with a pelvic health specialist who guides them through a personalized exercise therapy plan.

The Bloom app connects with a pelvic sensor used to track and measure the pressure, stamina, and accuracy of movements during pelvic floor exercises. This sensor allows the pelvic health specialist to assess the needs of the individual objectively, reducing the impact of risk factors associated with health disparities.

Following each therapy session, users can see exercise results immediately and track ongoing progress via the app. Bloom also provides educational resources and cognitive behavioral therapy to support users throughout their treatment program.

Earlier this year, we covered ELITONE, an external digital tool worn under clothing that makes it easier to perform exercises correctly, so they’re more beneficial. Bloom is offering a comprehensive, if less discreet, approach. Hopefully, this market will rapidly become more competitive, because expanding digital options increases the chance that people suffering from pelvic floor disorders will find a solution that works for them.