Musculoskeletal (MSK) care costs are one-sixth of the total US healthcare market expense. The cost has increased from $10 billion to $20 billion in the last decade. Full clinical and operational risk management throughout a patient’s MSK disease journey could improve both the quality and cost of the care. 

Earlier this month, TurningPoint Healthcare Solutions unveiled a comprehensive MSK management platform, TurningPoint Digital Joint and Spine. The platform improves patient access to care and allows risk-bearing entities like health plans and employers to streamline all disease-related risks with a single partner. The new patient-facing service for participating health plans is free to the members.

TurningPoint is dedicated to providing innovations in speciality care management services and technologies capable of improved safety, affordability, and quality of healthcare. Their MSK management solution is backed by research data and insights from teams of clinicians. The new Digital Joint and Spine brings clinical care to the patients irrespective of their location. The program offers personalized member engagement throughout the patient’s journey. 

Attempts have been made to manage the rising MSK care costs. Most of those efforts include one-off utilization management programs or member engagements that are not fully integrated with other essential platforms. Such inadequate efforts have led to frustrated patients and providers, mismanaged cases, uncoordinated care, and missed opportunities to cut down the costs without compromising on quality. 

The new digital solution in the MSK domain shows how affordable care for MSK management could be delivered to patients without compromising on quality.