Up to 700 nurses with Innovive Health will use a smartphone app from Healthy.io to help manage acute and chronic wound care in clinical and home settings, according to a joint news release. Chronic wounds such as diabetic ulcers require consistent observation and wound measurement with accurate and complete documentation. Traditional wound care is time-consuming, costly, and subject to protocol and reporting errors.

The Innovive nurses will use Healthy.io’s FDA-registered Minuteful for Wound platform to capture a 3D wound scan with a smartphone or tablet camera. Two calibration stickers are placed near the wound to provide accurate dimensions. An AI-driven app then analyzes the wound and records the tissue distribution metrics. This data is then reported as part of the patient’s record. According to Healthy.io, nurses using the wound care app report 85% faster documentation and 67% less time spent in follow-up home visits.

The Minuteful for Wound app enables in-home care for chronic wounds. The current platform requires in-person visits by skilled nurses, but we can foresee future developments that allow patients to perform wound scans without a home visit.