The U.S. ranks 57th in maternal mortality among developed countries. Pregnancy care is especially limited in rural areas. Technology can offer solutions to this issue through remote prenatal care. Philips and Nuvo Group have announced a new collaboration in this regard. 

Philips will support Nuvo Group to facilitate fetal monitoring programs remotely. The programs will focus on improving access to prenatal care in rural areas and increasing adherence to the prescribed care. 

It is estimated that more than half of all USA counties have limited to no access to pregnancy care. The pilot program of the new collaboration will first start in rural areas of Colorado. Nuvo’s INVU pregnancy monitoring system will be used to create a liaison between care providers and pregnant mothers. 

INVU is an FDA-cleared remote pregnancy management platform. It combines a wearable band with cloud-based data capture and visualization. The system enables healthcare providers to conduct virtual check-ups with pregnant mothers anywhere, anytime. When worn around the belly, the INVU sensor band shares physiological data of the pregnant woman with the care providers for assessment. 

The Philips Nuvo collaboration was announced after the recent call-to-action by the US Vice President, Kamala Harris, for organizations to help reduce maternal mortality and maternal morbidity. Through this collaboration, both companies aim to extend the reach of prenatal care to remote areas. It is a comprehensive pregnancy care solution for the patients, providers, and payers that could make prenatal services more readily available in underserved areas.