The prevalence of multiple sclerosis (MS) is on the rise. Globally, an estimated 2.8 million people live with the condition. Medication adherence is essential for most MS patients, but long-term adherence can be complicated by severe side effects and broadly differing responses. Now, Smart Patient has launched MyTherapy for MS, an expanded version of its popular medication tracking app, MyTherapy

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a progressive autoimmune disease that attacks myelin, the protective outer layer of nerve tissue. Usually diagnosed in early to mid-adulthood, MS symptoms vary widely between patients, affecting movement, vision, digestion, and many other functions. MS has no cure and patient experiences can change drastically over the course of their lives, so it requires dedicated collaboration between patients and providers for successful management.

Experts stress the importance of “disease-modifying” medications in managing MS. Ongoing use of these medications can slow the progression of disability and reduce flare-ups (also called exacerbations). But patients often stop following MS medication protocols because of discomfort, side-effects, or the perception of ineffectiveness. 

Like other medication tracking apps, MyTherapy for MS sends reminders and provides medication information. It also facilitates more robust tracking of medication administration, dosages, side-effects, symptoms, and flare-ups. And it allows patients to curate their own tools based on personal preferences and the unique nature of their individual condition. 

Easy documentation and knowing their provider is tracking medication effectiveness could indeed remove barriers to adherence for MS patients. Developing purpose-built tools that support managing MS will always be a worthy endeavor.