French digital health pioneer Withings launched an app-based Sleep Diary last week on World Sleep Day, March 18, 2022. Sleep Diary collects and reports data from the Withings Sleep device, a sleep cycle tracking mat that lies beneath your mattress. Launched in 2018, the $100 Sleep mat detects heart rate and snoring in addition to sleep cycles. Running within the Withings App, the Sleep Diary analyzes the collected sleep data to generate a sleep dashboard users can interpret themselves and share with their healthcare team if they choose.

The Sleep Diary and Sleep tracking mat aren’t Withings’ first sleep products. We wrote about Withings Aura following the product’s introduction at CES 2015. The Aura consisted of a motion-sensing strip placed under the user’s mattress. The strip connected by wire to a base station typically placed on a night stand. The base station served as a smart alarm clock, a sleep-cycle coordinated colored light, and a speaker that played soothing sounds to help the user fall asleep. Data from the Aura transmitted to a smartphone app where it was stored and tracked.

According to a Withings news release, the Sleep Diary app feature analyzes sleep cycle data in accordance with two gold standard medical sleep disorder questionnaires, the Epworth Sleepiness Scale and the STOP-Bang questionnaire. Healthcare professionals use the Epworth Sleepiness Scale to diagnose hypersomnia, excessive sleepiness. Physicians use the STOP-Bang Questionnaire to diagnose sleep apnea.

By using the Sleep Diary with Withings Sleep tracking mat, users can keep a consistent record of their sleep quality and duration along with other biometric information that can help guide changes to improve the user’s sleep and give physicians a tool that can help detect sleep disorders.